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Ichthus 1 Oz Silver Round (.999 Pure)
Ichthus 1 Oz Silver Round (.999 Pure)

Ichthus 1 Oz Silver Round (.999 Pure)

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Made in America!  While the most commonly seen representation of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith is the crucifix, early Christians relied on a different symbol for their Lord and Savior: the ichthus. This enduring symbol of a fish has a fascinating history and is the star attraction of the Ichthus
1 oz Silver Round.

The ichthus or "Jesus Fish" symbol is shown on the front design. This symbol originated in antiquity, when Christians were looking for a way to communicate with other true believers without arousing the suspicions of Roman authorities. In Greek, "ichthus" is the word for "fish," but it is actually an anagram where each Greek letter in the word stands for the phrase "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior."

The well-known verse John 3:16 is inscribed on the back of the design.
Both sides of the silver round have a proof-like finish, creating a beautiful contrast between the raised design elements (relief) and the mirrored background (field).

Each of these silver pieces are 99.9% pure and weigh 1 troy ounce. They were all proudly Made In the U.S.A.

Early Christians had to use clever means to avoid persecution, and the ichthus fish is perhaps the most famous example of this ingenuity. This endearing symbol is a great way to honor the lineage between the first Christian communities nearly 2,000 years ago and today's faithful!